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Unique Gemstone Names And Meanings

Humans have been fascinated by the unparalleled beauty and mystical properties of gems since ancient times. Recent times have witnessed a booming worldwide trend for tapping into the powers and symbolism of gemstones. While some gemstones have been associated with deeply rooted myths since pre-modern times, some gemstones have only been recently discovered. Gemstones are thought to hold special healing, spiritual, emotional and metaphysical powers. We have compiled a list of 5 unique gemstone names and their meanings. 


Aquamarine, also known as blue beryl, is a vivid blue colour of a tropical ocean. It is a stone of empowered femininity - symbolising courage, resilience and centeredness. Aquamarine inspires a calm and balanced way of thinking. It fosters mental clarity that focuses on acting rather than reacting to a situation. Aquamarine is known as a Water element gemstone; extremely powerful for cleansing and channeling emotions and communication. It helps in disassociating with negative emotions and past traumas. Aquamarine is powerful in assisting its wearer through transitions in life. It promotes emotional stability, breaks down barriers and fights resistance experienced in the process of self-development. 

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone of those born in March. Unlock the powers of this gemstone with our jewellery collection featuring aquamarine gemstones. 

Rose Quartz

This beautiful blush pink gemstone is known as the stone of love. It embodies unconditional love. Its subtle hue represents harmony, calmness, femininity, fertility, compassion and kind heartedness. This stone of gentle love helps its wearer break free of old wounds and assists them in rekindling strained relationships. It reawakens faith in the benevolence of the universe and its abundance, brings joys and contentment to its wearer. It encourages self love, self discovery, self acceptance and self forgiveness. By being true to oneself, appreciating good qualities along with accepting one’s flaws, one can truly attain the purest form of self-worth. Rose Quartz is often called ‘heart stone’ as it is strongly linked with the heart chakra. 

Rose Quartz is the birthstone of January. Unlock the powers of this gemstone with our jewellery collection featuring rose quartz gemstones. 


Sapphire’s deep hues of blue are associated with honesty, purity, chastity, happiness and self- cultivation. However, sapphire is most importantly known for its powers of protection. Numerous cultures have honoured this deep-blue stone for centuries due to its guarding properties against illness, ill fortunes and evil. Sapphire promotes wisdom, accurate thinking and encourages generosity. Sapphire is known to help its wearer realise and manifest their life’s purpose and gain deeper understanding of their inner selves by enabling structured thinking. It promotes the growth of the soul, invokes spiritual clarity and strengthens intuition. Sapphire also signifies commitment, everlasting devotion and fidelity making it a popular choice for engagement/wedding rings or gifts for valentine.  

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. Tap into the powers of this gemstone with our jewellery collection featuring sapphire gemstones. 


Turquoise signifies good fortune, financial abundance and success. Its bluish-green hues are associated with the colours of the Earth. Turquoise is known to hold grounding properties similar to the Earth and is celebrated for its powers to stimulate wisdom, serenity, tranquility and calmness in its wearer. It promotes personal growth and can trigger breakthroughs in aspects that may have been stagnant. Not only does turquoise confer wisdom and protection but is also a forbearing truth seeker and a tonic for the burnt out soul. Turquoise is also a ‘friendship stone’ in several cultures representing loyalty and pure nurturing bonds.

Turquoise is the birthstone of those born in December. Unlock the powers of this gemstone with our jewellery collection featuring turquoise gemstones. 


Peridot gemstone symbolises unfaltering strength and unwavering balance. Peridot is a natural detoxifier. It helps eliminate physical and mental toxins and reinforces melodious harmony of the mind and the body. It sharpens its wearers psychological insights and helps them to stay attuned with their spiritual and emotional truths. Peridot opens up new avenues of mental awareness and provides a clear mental perspective to its wearer. It helps its wearer assume responsibility for their choices without having the incessant need to blame someone else for their failures. This attribute promotes their personal development. 

Peridot is the birthstone of August. Unlock the powers of this gemstone with our jewellery collection featuring peridot gemstones.  

Wearing gemstone jewellery is one of the best ways to ensure that you are protected, guided and empowered by the energies of the gemstones. Gemstone jewelry is popular, effortless and offers a huge variety. It is easy to choose a piece that slips seamlessly into any kind of style or lifestyle. Give someone a meaningful piece of jewellery from our collection of trendy designs featuring your favourite gemstone.

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