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How to clean gold jewellery?

Has your gold jewellery lost its bling? We believe that everything that is gold must sparkle but long term  exposure to dust, dirt, lotions, soaps, perfumes, perspiration, even air and moisture can cause your favourite pieces to look a little dull. 

Luckily it is possible to clean gold jewellery and make it shine again without heading to a professional jeweller. Before your once favourite pieces are pushed to the back of the drawer, never to be seen again, count on our DIY home hacks to clean your gold jewellery and restore it to its former glory.  

Check out our full Jewellery Care Guide for more info. 

Follow the instructions listed below to clean gold jewellery to restore the lost lustre of your treasured jewellery piece, get your gemstones gleaming and your pearls flashing again. 

  • Lukewarm Soapy Water Method
  • Fill up a bowl with lukewarm water and squeeze in a few squirts of mild washing up liquid soap. Give it a stir and let your gold jewellery soak in it. After 30 minutes, use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to clean the jewellery and dislodge any dirt trapped in the crevices. Rinse under clean water and use a soft microfibre cloth to gently dry the jewellery.

  • Lukewarm Water and Ammonia Method
  • For jewellery with stubborn dirt, tougher stains and heavy tarnishing - try the ammonia method. Ammonia is relatively cheap to buy and will have the desired effect on your jewellery making it sparkling clean.

    Fill up a glass bowl with lukewarm water and mix in a little ammonia. Allow your jewellery to soap in this solution for 15 mins. As above, use a soft bristled brush to remove dirt from hard to reach places. Rinse thoroughly under clean water and buff to shine using a soft lint-free cloth. 

    Note: This technique is not suitable for jewellery with gemstones and pearls due to their delicate nature. 

    How to clean gold jewellery with gemstones ?

    Natural gemstones are usually treated or enhanced after extraction. This may impact its tolerance to usual cleaning methods. Coloured gemstones have peculiar characteristics which may be altered or damaged due to harsh cleaning. It is advisable to seek professional cleaning advice for your gemstones and pearls. The safest at-home cleaning method for coloured stone and pearl jewellery is the ‘lukewarm soapy method’ described above. Instead of soaking your gemstone jewellery in the soap solution, just give it a few quick dips. Gently brush the jewellery to remove accumulated dirt and grime. Rise under clean water using a strainer and pat dry. Do not use ammonia as it can have detrimental effects on the delicate gemstones and pearls. 

    Follow these tips to regularly clean your gold jewellery and watch your pieces sparkle for years. Get your jewellery professionally cleaned and polished annually to maintain its shining lustre and protect against tarnish. 

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