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Gemstone Jewellery

Have you ever wondered 'What is gemstone jewellery?', 'Which is the best stone for jewellery?', 'What are the different types of gemstone jewellery?', 'Why should I buy gemstone jewellery?'. If you answered in a 'yes' for any of the questions above then this is the article for you.

Gemstones have been used in jewellery making since ancient times. There are numerous choices. A list of gemstones popularly used in jewellery include, but are not limited to, peridot, prehnite, labradorite, topaz, agate, aventurine, carnelian, malachite, chalcedony, garnet, citrine, quartz, emerald, pearl, fluorite, hematite, iolite, jade, lapis lazuli, rhodochrosite, moonstone, onyx, opal, pyrite, and tanzanite. These valuable stones add opulence, character and colour to the jewellery. This article lists several reasons why gemstone jewellery is a great choice.

Versitality: Gemstone jewellery is versatile. It offers a range of selection to suit any style or occasion. You can opt for different gemstones paired with delicate or bold designs to make a statement that aligns with your personal style. You can incorporate gemstone that are your birthstones, ones that complement your aura, those that elevate your energy or simple the ones that are your favourite colour! The choices are limitless.

Timeless: Gemstones are a timeless beauty. You can achieve any look effortlessly with gemstones as they exude grandeur and evade the mundane. Investing in gemstones is a good decision since these can be worn for a lifetime and are worthy of passed down as heirlooms. Gemstone jewellery help you to express your individuality through its timeless elegance and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Benefits: Gemstones offer unique natural benefits that make them a desirable choice for jewellery and ornaments. Each gemstone has different intrinsic properties that can influence and alter your physical and mental well-being. For example; moonstone helps you achieve inner peace and balance. It palliates anxiety, depression and eliminates creative blocks. On the other hand, aquamarine is known to aid healthy digestion and promotes visual and oral health. Gemstone jewellery is an excellent choice for gifting as it can be personalised to the receiver.

Luxury: Gemstones instantly add a dash of elegance to you look. You may dress up or down an outfit with a piece of gemstone jewellery. Gemstones that are rare, unique and natural are treasured as collectibles. From the cheapest to the most expensive stones- all gemstone jewellery items come make a good investment choice.

Investment: It is a common notion to assume that high-end gems are a good investment. However, contrary to the common belief, gems of moderate value are also sought after as they often appreciate, provide excellent returns and are relatively easy to liquidate. As a rule, gemstones increase in value at the rate of inflation. You do not have to restrict yourself just to cut gemstones. Rough gems, minerals and crystals are all lucrative alternatives.

Beauty, rarity, durability – all the attributes that make coloured gemstones an attractive choice for jewellery. Coloured gemstone jewellery provides a gateway to uniquely personal expression. A gemstones ability to be fashioned, mounted and worn is a function of its durability. Some gemstones that are hard and tough are used with jewellery articles like rings, bracelets and cufflinks to withstand the wear and tear of an active life. Other gems that are more fragile are used in necklaces and earrings to prevent damage.

How are gemstones graded?

Gemstones, like diamonds, have quality factors of cut, colour, clarity and carat. However, colour is the most important factor in determining the grade of a gemstone. The hue, tone, saturation and intensity dictate the splendour of a particular gem. The cut of the gemstone determines its shape. Some stones are suited to a smooth, round surface while for others, series of flat symmetrical planes (called facets) give a striking illumination of the gems colour. The brilliance of a stone adds to the beauty of a well-cut gem. The clarity of a gemstone is a factor that grades how light is reflected and refracted within the stone. Naturally occurring gemstones often have some inclusions that interrupt the passage of light. However, these are unique to each stone and add to its character. The weight of a gemstone is measured in carats and its dimensions are specified in millimetres.

How to clean gemstone jewellery?

Gemstone jewellery must be cleaned regularly to maintain its shine and beauty. Great care must be taken to clean gemstones as they are fragile, likely to break and prone to damage. To learn more about cleaning your gemstone jewellery, read this article or watch this video.

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