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Everything You Need To Know About Lapis Lazuli

  • What is Lapis Lazuli
  • Lapis Lazuli falls under the category of metamorphic rocks. It’s popularity is evident in its glorious history. Discovered over 6000 year ago, this stone is a favorite amongst mystics, royalty and artists. Its deep symbolism, inherent powers and unmatched beauty made it an ideal choice for those who thrive on external power, as well as those who prevail over its internal counterpart. The most striking feature of the Lapis Lazuli gemstone is its distinct colour.  Lapis Lazuli stones occur in a spectrum of shades ranging between bright indigo to deep marine blue. The amount of Lazurite compound present in a particular stone specimen determines the richness of its colour. Naturally occurring stones sometimes have inclusions in the form of gold flecks or violet specks which add to its magnificent beauty. 

  • Lapis Lazuli origins
  • Afghanistan has the oldest reserves of the highest quality of Lapis Lazuli gemstones. Other deposits are scattered in Chile, Myanmar, India, Italy and the United States. Ancient Egyptians held Lapis Lazuli gems in the highest regard and Pharaohs, Queens, and Egyptian Goddesses adorned themselves with it. In Islam, this stone is considered to be a protector against evil eyes and Buddishm celebrates the healing energy if this stone in order to attain inner peace. According to Persian folklore, lapis lazuli was believed to hold the mysteries and secrets of the starry night encapsulated into a precious stone. The arresting beauty of Lapis Lazuli did not fail to mesmerize one of the world renowned painters, Michelangelo. 

  • Lapis Lazuli meaning
  • Lapis Lazuli derives its name from the ancient Latin word ‘Lapis’ meaning stone. Lazuli originates from a Persian word ‘Lāzaward’ meaning blue. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of cosmic wisdom and divine energy. The ultramarine blue color of the crystal represents a connection between an individual and the ultimate universal truth. Lapis Lazulis energies ignite the mind and call out to the soul. 

  • Lapis Lazuli symbolism
  • Lapis Lazuli symbolises good fortune. It attracts good luck and benefits its wearer with wealth and happiness. By opening our minds to be receptive and eliminating old beliefs and biases; it brings back the attention on the important goals and desires in life. 

    Lapis Lazuli also symbolises tight bonds of love and friendship. Its celestial blue colour represents love and honor - the pillars to forming  successful relationships. The powerful aura of this stone not only benefits you but is also transferred onto those who come into contact with you. It enriches relationships with love, loyalty, zest, fun, and devotion.

  • Lapis Lazuli properties 
  • The transcendental deep cobalt blue of lapis lazuli hints that this stone is connected to the higher spiritual realms. Lapis Lazuli helps us unravel different layers of ourselves by encouraging us on a path of self-discovery. It helps us silence the chaos within our anxious minds and enables us to tap into our undiscovered psychic abilities. Lapis Lazuli helps us channel our thoughts to manifest them into reality. Thoughts are our currency to creating a life of our dreams. By understanding and accepting thoughts, we can sculpt our actions to achieve our goals. Lapis lazuli aids in combining our newly discovered psychic powers with impaired clarity of thought to realise a life of untapped potential. 

  • Lapis Lazuli healing powers 
  • Lapis Lazuli paves way for self awareness. It promotes accepting oneself and encourages one to believe and live in one’s own truth. It boosts self confidence and self expression. It is a powerful healing stone and nullifies any negative energies and self-imposed limitations. It provides an incredible opportunity for growth and glory. It instills courage and reminds us to stand true and strong. This crystal vibrates at frequencies resonating with love and serenity. It attunes with your dormant positive energies and empowers you. It brings back the focus on self care aiding emotional and mental well-being. It helps to declutter an anxious mind and fosters clarity of thoughts, strategic thinking, increased productivity and realising of goals by discarding toxic behaviour patterns. Lapis lazuli is a highly spiritual stone. It is a crucial tool during meditation for manifestation and creative imagination. It is also a protection stone and helps its wearer overcome mental and physical trauma. 

  • Lapis Lazuli as a birthstone
  • Lapis lazuli is traditionally a birthstone for those born under the zodiac signs of Taurus (April 20 to May 22) and Sagittarius (21st November - 21st December). It helps Taureans ease their possessiveness and helps Saggitarriuns become better communicators. 

  • Lapis Lazuli jewellery
  • Renowned queens like Cleopatra and kings like Tutankhamen have famously used Lapis Lazuli in their jewellery to turn heads and reinforce stature. Besides its numerous healing properties, the deep hues of Lapis Lazuli makes it a sought after gemstone for jewellery articles like necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. Wearing Lapis Lazuli jewellery facilitates direct contact of the gemstone against your skin which is crucial to reaping the benefits of its latent powers. These powers and energies of Lapis Lazuli can be amplified if it is worn along with other gemstones that complement its vibrations. It effectively combines with Rhodochrosite, Yellow Topaz, Turquoise and Labradorite. The durability of Lapis Lazuli gemstone is 5-6 Mohs Hardness Scale. It is a perfect choice for pendants and earrings. For jewellery pieces like rings and bracelets that are more prone to exposure and damage, it can be used with protective metal settings. The softness of this stone makes it perfect for jewellers and jewellery designers to be carved into exciting shapes and forms. 

  • How to clean Lapis Lazuli 
  • If you want to keep your Lapis Lazuli sparkling for a lifetime then it is important to routinely clean and maintain it. Given the delicate nature of the gem, the best method to clean your Lapis Lazuli jewellery is by soaking it in lukewarm soapy water and then rinsing it under cold water. Gently dry it with a lint free muslin cloth. Avoid exposing your Lapis Lazuli jewellery to extreme temperatures and protect it from abrasive surfaces. To prevent scratching, corrosion and damage, it is also important to safely store your Lapis Lazuli jewellery where it does not rub against other jewellery. Protect your jewellery from harsh chemicals (from cosmetics) and perfumes. Do not wear your jewellery while exercising or carrying out laborious jobs. Check out our jewellery cleaning guide for more detailed information on how to keep your jewellery glinting for years.

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