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Beauty of Handmade

By the people, for the people

Why buy handmade instead of heading to the high street for a perfectly finished product? What makes handmade special? Is it a better and more sustainable option?



Every article that is lovingly created by hand is ‘art for the soul’ waiting to enhance your life. Giving a handmade present signifies appreciation for the effort, skill and thought that went behind it. Every time you receive a gift that is handmade, you are giving a gift of livelihood to the artisan. 


Handmade products are far high in value and quality. These products are crafted and nurtured to life with utmost care and love. It might be tempting to steal a deal rather than pay a higher price but it is important to remember that spending less correlates to getting less. Less integrity of the product origins, less trust in its value, less exclusivity and a lesser quality. 


Every handmade product is unique. Investing in handmade products define commitment towards authenticity.  All our products are made by hand with individualistic charm. Some small imperfections may exist - this is what makes our products unique and gives them their character. They will never affect the overall aesthetic of the product and its ability for use as intended. 


Handmade products allow conscious shopping and support sustainability. The process of handcrafting a product is small and over-production is controlled. From conception to creation, handmade goods often stay under one small, mighty, and proud roof. A beautiful alternative to its machine-made counterparts, all our handmade products are ethically sourced and created. This process has a very small footprint and is kind to nature. In a world which is gradually becoming fake and peculiar, we take pride in sporting a smaller proverbial shoe. 


Handmade is not a buzzword, it is a genuine and authentic representation of the unique goods you are investing in - crafted by hand by local artisans. Shopping and promoting handmade products supports your regional crafts and traditions. It helps the economy thrive and provides sustenance to local communities. By supporting a local artisan, you are also keeping a local craft alive for generations to come.


Handmade is timeless. In a culture where we lack the patience to curate and preserve, handmade products shine bright with the virtue of timelessness. You can adorn and adore our products for generations. 

At Brinda, we are extremely grateful for the opportunity to advocate 100% handmade products. We take utmost pride in showcasing the exemplary craftsmanship and kind origins of our products. From product to packaging, process to production, start to finish - everything is sustainable and ethical.

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