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5 Rare Gemstones

If you're on the hunt for rare gemstones, we've compiled a list of 5 of the most unique gemstones on the planet. These gemstones are more iconic than the diamond given their sparse availability, difficulty of extracting and their exhilarating beauty. These stunning stones are exceptional and live up to their hype. They pair incredibly well with gold and silver jewellery. 

If you're curious about these rare gemstones, continue reading below. 

  • Larimar

Larimar is an extremely rare and precious stone, only found in a remote mountain range of the Dominic Republic as recently as 1974. It is believed that an earthquake caused these hidden gems to be dislodged onto the surface of the earth. Larimar is known as a healing stone. It vibrates at a very high frequency which is finely attuned to the healing of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental being. Larimar’s properties are helpful in relieving negative imablences of stress, anger, fear and panic.  Wearing of Larimar provides an oasis of calm to the turbulent mind of its wearer. It helps its wearer reconnect with their fundamental and innocent natural state of joy and peace.  Larimar is named after the Spanish word for the sea - ‘mar’ due to its deep oceanic palette that embodies the clear waters and vast skies of the Carribean. It is also popularly known as the Caribbean gem. 

  • Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a stone of balance. It is known to balance the positive and negative energies (yin and yang) within a person. It provides strong energy protection by creating a shield around its wearer to prevent penetration of unwelcome energies that disturb the balance. Tourmaline provides firm grounding and an alternate birthstone for those born in October. It is  a hard gemstone and very resistant to chipping, scratching, breaking and temperature alterations - making it ideal for everyday jewellery. Tourmaline helps with mending a broken heart by encouraging its wearer to pursue love and disperses emotional distress and hurt. It promotes an open minded approach to life and flexible thinking to adapt to new situations. A natural property of tourmaline is electrostaticity. Rubbing this crystal or exposing it to significant hot or cold temperatures generates electrical charge within the crystal causing its opposite ends to polarise.  Tourmalines are naturally occurring gemstones that have an elaborate colour spectrum - each shade possessing its unique qualities. 

  • Kyanite

Kyanite gemstone is mainly extracted from metamorphic rocks. It is not a mainstream jewellery gemstone. Gemstone jewellery featuring kyanite is rare and exotic. High quality faceted Kyanite gems are used in our jewellery collection of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and more. This luxurious stone derives its name from the Greek word ‘kuanos’ meaning deep blue owing to its colour palette. However, Kyanite stones can display a range of colours like white, green, yellow and colourless. Naturally occurring Kyanite stones exhibit areas of dark to light colour ones along with some inclusions in the forms of streaks and blotches. Kyanite soothes, heals, stimulates and recharges positive energies in its wearer. It tranquilizes the anxious mind of its wearer and provides clarity of thoughts. Kyanite is known as the stone of self expression and effective communication. It bridges the gap in relationships developed due to lack of communication and strengthens the link between the heart and the mind to facilitate elaborate self expression. 

  • Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a distinctive gemstone identified by its raspberry hues and pink zig zag stripes. It acquires its name from the Greek word ‘rhodokhros’ meaning ‘rose coloured’.Rhodochrostie is characterised by its brittle nature. It is a very fragile and delicate crystal with a rating of only a 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale of hardness.Its delicacy, striking beauty, high market value, rarity and profound symbolism makes Rhodochrosite an ideal choice for gifting. Rhodochrosite restores the sense of wholeness in its wearer by helping them embrace their personal power and exploit their optimal potential. Rhodochrosite is a highly sought after stone due to its spiritual benefits. It is known to amplify frequencies to attune with your consciousness. The pale peach or coral orange hues of Rhodochrosite promote companionship and strengthen affection. This crystal brings friends closer and knit families tighter. It also encourages physical pleasure and intimacy.

  • Carnelian

Carnelian belongs to the Chalcedony family. It is a silica mineral that derives its colour from iron oxide. Ancient Egyptians termed carnelian ‘the setting sun’ because of its orange hues. Carnelian symbolizes energy and creativity. Kissed by sun, carnelian’s fiery nature is known to induce bravery, courage, endurance and power in its wearers. The warm, rich colour of the stone is often associated with fire. This energy stone enhances desire, passion and  love. Arab traditions promote wearing carnelian jewellery to keep away evil eyes. Carnelian instills vitality and stokes the flame of rejuvenation and rediscovered vigour.

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